About us

«Firma»Technocomplex» LLC was founded in 1992. The main activity is the production of medical disposable products under its own trademark «Slavna»:

  • Vaginal speculum «Slavna®.»
  • Single use gynecologic set «Slavna®.»
  • Examination and surgical gloves «Slavna®.»
  • Medical kits and operating sets «Slavna®.»
  • Manipulation and auxiliary products medical kits and their single use «Slavna®.»
  • Gynecological cervical brush.

The head office of the company is located in Kiev. In all regions of Ukraine are authorized dealers, which are equipped with the necessary materials for the timely delivery of our partners — hospital care facilities, pharmacies, medical centers. Our products sell well all leading national distributor of pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

Our production is located in Smila Cherkasy region. Production facilities consist of high-performance equipment that resides in modernized buildings Smila garment factory, adapted for the production of medical disposable products. In modern plants, equipped with automated lines produced a wide range of sets of clothes, operating coatings, medical instruments. All products are made from high quality raw materials of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Control of the release of finished products made of technical control department, so we provide it excellent performance. Also picked highly qualified staff, which has about 300 employees.

In the experimental plant are specialists of design, constructors, cutters, which process information of marketing and sales, and it can construct in the form of finished layouts, templates. Technologists are developing technology to produce the product according to the hardware and the medical industry. Immediately production takes place in cutting, sewing, completing plants and in the area of automated production lines for medical hats, masks and shoe covers and articles made of PVC (covers on mattresses, couches, etc.). After packing finished products are sterilized according to EN ISO -11135:2003 with gas by ethylene oxide.

There are two methods of sterilization of disposable medical products — exposure to radiation «gamma rays» and gas sterilization by ethylene oxide. Previously, our products have passed radiation sterilization, but radiation sterilization has several drawbacks: under the influence radiation changes the structure of the polymer material. This entails a significant reduction in the strength of fabrics and materials that eventually manifests itself ruptures, the unpleasant characteristic odor, discoloration, and other covert defects. Because of this, and because of such advantages as environmental safety, reliability, efficiency, gas sterilization by ethylene oxide majority of all disposable medical devices worldwide.

Ukraine has so far a sterilized syringes and transfusion system.

Since September 2010 Firm «Technocomplex» gradually transforms all products produced on sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO). This makes it possible to significantly improve the quality of our products, increase its safety and non-toxicity for doctors, staff, patients and the environment to a higher level, to preserve its reliability and aesthetics within the warranty period of sterility — 5 years.

Head office address:

03117, Ukraine, Kyiv, Peremohy Ave., 65
Tel./fax: (044) 422-52-03
e-mail: info.slavna@gmail.com

Production addresses:

20700, Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Smila, st. Victory, 39
phone/fax (04733) 2-05-33 20704

Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Smila, st. Promyslova, 22.
phone/fax (04733) 2-05-33